Floating houses – the history of housebouts.

History of housebouts. The construction of houses on the surface of water has accompanied mankind for hundreds of years. Solutions of building houses on stilts above the water surface are still very popular in Asian countries. We can see there many times entire villages located on water. However, they differ significantly from housebouts in that […]

Everything you need to know about floating houses.

Houseboats – or mobile floating houses. . Thanks to their special design, housebouts provide a wonderful holiday when you are on the water, even away from land. This is because the models, which are equipped with their own engines, can float independently on water and move like a boat. However, this also involves complying with […]

Housebouts – what they are and what advantages they have.

What are housebouts? Housebout is a name, meaning floating house, which comes from a combination of the English words “house” and “bout”, meaning house and boat. Floating houses are an excellent alternative to traditional yachts, offering a much less comfortable space considering the living conditions. Housebouts are homes fully equipped with all the necessary features […]